Sooner Sips

First Fidelity Bank IBC Company

We are a company from the First Fidelity Bank Integrated Business Core program in the Price College of business. We are seeking to build a business from the ground up through this amazing program that we are a part of. This program is meant to build our business skills by doing rather than just listening. We go through the motions of a normal startup as we submit various documents to our professors for grading as a part of this class. Sooner Sips is comprised of 21 unique and capable students who are working diligently to make us the best IBC company to come through the Price College of Business. All of our profits will go to a charity of choice explained below, Limbs For Life.


Company C’s, our mission is to bring a quality product to life, in pursuit of advocating and contributing to our carefully selected charity. We will prioritize the development of everyone involved in order to maximize their growth as business professionals. The standard to which we hold each other accountable will require nothing less than everyone’s full commitment. We will never sacrifice one aspect of our role as an IBC company for another, whether that entails philanthropy hours, sales, or other assignments. Our company will embody a culture that lacks entitlement amongst its leaders, and one that thrives on competition, ethics, and a dedication to mastering the art of business. We will uphold this extraordinary opportunity from The University of Oklahoma and the First Fidelity Bank Integrated Business Core Program with integrity and tutelage.

Our Cause

Our Mission

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Through the sale of our one of a kind tumbler, all proceeds will be donated to Limbs For Life. They are an incredible organization that provides prosthetic limbs to people that cannot afford them. This affects people in ways you could hardly imagine. Learn more about them at

In addition to the donation of all of our profits, our company will be donating 1200 service hours throughout the Fall 2018 semester to Loveworks. Loveworks is a leadership program for middle school students dedicated to helping them gain confidence as a leader and grow to be the best they can be. Learn more about them at